Video Optimization: Brushing Up Core Concepts

A video can eliminate the need of hundred words. A video has the potential to create big campaigns, clicksthroughs and traffic for your business. With such unlimited possibilities, not benefitting from video would be really an unwise move. All you need to do is get a strong video optimization and promotional plan underway. It is always planned strategically and marketed exponentially.

Checklist for video content:-

  1. Content – The content of videos are quintessential. It should be exactly what people are searching for, and as you describe it.
  2. Title text – There is character limit for video title. So use these golden words wisely. Make it one interesting clickable line. At the same time, render it visibility by including apt keywords. Don’t be over ambitious, try aiming for keywords which are not that competitive.
  3. Description – You do have a character limit here, but then that limit is sufficient to express your brand and your business. Be concise and expressive, not repetitive. Keep some portion of description to detail out the video.
  4. Tags – Just a small speck, but very important. A rightly tagged video has more chances to show up.
  5. Category – Filing your video in right category increase its visibility.
  6. Quality of video – Traditionally video on can be displayed at 425 (width) by 355 (height). So it’s important that the content of the video are legible and clear. For this you can use compressed video and preferably in wmv format. Having high definition quality would another plus point. Give you users option to switch between HD and normal quality.

Smart Strategies

Call to action – Your viewers watch video and end up not knowing where to find you. Answering this problem is the call to action which can be inserted into the video to tap the benefits.

Add Video Annotation – It is important to attract user attention (which no way means pestering them) to like or leave some response. You can do the same by using video annotation options.

Sharing is Caring – Enable the options of sharing your video because viewers like easy sharing options.

Comments – Enabling comments depends entirely on you. But it is a healthy practice to enable comments which provide you with natural feedback for your video.

Privacy – Unless intentional, you should keep the video viewing option public which will garner more views.

Analysis – You can make good use of YouTube analytics report which was revamped few months back. The report generated gives you varied ideas about the following and much more:-

  1. Demographics report
  2. View sources
  3. Audience retention report

For more details, refer to  Overview of Youtube’s analytic report.

Offer Video Transcript – Some viewers can’t hear or view video content for any reason. Capture those users too, by offering full video transcripts to read. You can either use human to produce a manual video transcription or download softwares for the same.

Don’t restrict To YouTube – There is plethora of video submission sites. Use them to increases your views. Just uploading video on YouTube doesn’t ensure you soaring benefits. Remember its about planning strategically & marketing exponentially”.

Time for Promotion: Spreading around

  • Create a guest post centered on video and don’t forget to embed your video there.
  • Bookmarking, listing and specific submission on video directory sites
  • Make use social accounts. Create a viral campaign for video.
  • You could even use related communities and forums. You need to be intelligent while using these sources.
  • Email marketing can also be used to promote video.

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