URLs in Search Engine Optimization – Keep Them Short and Clean

In SEO, successful SEO I must say rather, everything from small to big and less important to more important needs to be given rational value. In fact, we need to give small things as much of our care and attention as we would give to the factors we regard as most influential in SEO. URLs are such a small thing having a swayed place in the process of search engine optimization, with certain observable facets of it.

There is a great deal of advantage appealing URLs offer SEO. They are clean to look at, easy to comprehend and simple to remember. No one likes to mess up with those extra-long, unclear and confusing website URLs as they only add to the complication.

Why prefer Short and clean URLs to long and broken ones

Believe me, smart URLs help you stand out while trying to secure a good position in Google SERPs.

  • They always show completely within SERPs
  • Google prefers to crawl and dig up neat plain text links from your website
  • Well-balanced (neither too short nor too long) and clean URLs are easy to remember and convey sufficient value to the searcher
  • They make things easier for searchers and search engines as compared to jumbled URLs that look spammy

Like human searchers, search engines can’t show interest in jumbled URLs that have so many digits, letters and symbols set together in an awkward manner. Here, what to talk of their significance, they cause confusion instead.

How smart URLs contribute to search engine optimization

In order to make our SEO campaigns fully successful, it remains of great importance to be able to create user-friendly URLs. Also, it is equally important to keep your URL within ideal length. Most importantly, it should have enough space for your target keyword to fit in.

Quite reasonably, neat and clean URLs are always complete in search results. If there is nothing blurred about them, they very efficiently compel visitors to click on. This is how they allure searchers to visit your site and add to the traffic. Interestingly, it has been previously noticed that Google considers plain text links of your website and crawls them.

Not broken URLs (those with multiple lines or/and segments) get as much of the search engine’s attention as smartly built ones do. And when broken URLs are recognized, if at all they are acknowledged by the search engine, it is always after smart URLs have already been identified and given a position.

  • Short and clean URLs are highly helpful in local search listing
  • Though short URLs don’t tell searchers much about what a page consists, still they do well in the SERPs
  • URLs with perfect length don’t look spammy and hence, add to your site’s reputation on the web
  • Google prefers to crawl and pick up short and easily understandable URLs from sites
  • They help searchers to land on the page they are actually looking for

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