How No. 1 Ranking Favors Your Business – Learn to Calculate

You want something out of every SEO procedure you consider or practice. The purpose of every different method is to take you to that ultimate thing: A position on the first page of search engines. To make it very precise now, you can feel contented only when you’ve secured number one ranking on Google’s first page.

It is clearly understandable that as a business owner you want to be number one in terms of the status of your business website on the web. More important, however, is your awareness of how a first page ranking can practically benefit your business. It must be the return on investment that can best evaluate the worth of your top ranking.

It implies that you can find out the exact ROI you obtain from your SEO campaign only when you calculate the value of a number one ranking. Know how you can do it:

  • Find out if visitors are searching for the keywords you’ve been targeting. Calculate exact search volume. You can use a good tool like Google AdWord keyword tool to make it precise. There you can figure out total search for all your keywords.
  • Second best measurement is click through rate. Now calculate click through rate in proportion to the total searches for a particular keyword. Total search multiplied by total click through rate is equal to the number of your visitors.
  • Actually, the main chief aim is conversion rate. It explains how many visitors became your true customers. Calculate the total sales by multiplying the number of visitors by the total conversion rate.

To cut a long story short, the overall success of the whole SEO process is testified by how effectively it increases conversion rate to encourage sales. Then can you say that number one ranking has panned out the way you wanted it to.

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