Press Release As A key SEO Tool: Get It Right and Make the Difference

SEO is a big industry where so many procedures are carried out at the same time by veteran professionals and novices as well. There are strategies they follow to work as efficiently as possible. There are characteristic rules that, when learnt and applied properly, make an SEO campaign successful. It is essential to be precise in terms of the timing you perform a task at. As a rule, genius SEO people don’t do different things, but do the same things differently and, more importantly, at the right time.

Press release is one of some very effective SEO techniques. An intelligently prepared press release can help you get quality links that get you a ranking on Google. You can easily back-link from good blogs and sites and gain media coverage also. Here, the basic thing is to write unique press releases. You can consider these guidelines:

Right story at right time
Appropriate timing is the biggest factor for successfully sending out a press release. This is not it that you can send out a press release untimely to just finish another task of your SEO campaign.

Instead, you are supposed to send a press release only when you’ve got something worthwhile to announce. Untimely sent press releases are not effective and can even affect the rhythm of your campaign.

  • A press release really makes sense when you are coming up with some new product, service or business.
  • Press releases are a perfect way to let people know the latest trends and statistics of your business.
  • You can share your company’s success stories with others through press releases. Also, announce your financial updates and future aspirations.

Choose titles smartly
The title of your press release should be not only attractive but also should contain the name of your company and main keywords. Your press release will be published at several and the title will be considered as the title tag. If primary keywords are included in the title, there are all the chances for your website to rank for the keywords you are targeting.

Don’t excessively stuff and link keywords
Stuffing too much keyword in the content doesn’t do any extra good to your business. Give links on two or three keywords hardly and it is always wise to use keyword rich anchor texts. Consider using phrase keywords so that they can maintain the flow and don’t seem imposed.

Be professional while selecting quotes
The quotes are the very essence of press releases and it is absurd to boast of your product only through them. You would never want to irritate your readers by calling your company the best and forgetting to put forward what interests them. For instance, avoid using plainly claiming words like “We are the best and most unique…” and it is better to use a language that reflects optimism. You can generate impression by saying “We have been consistently working to make things better…” and the like. The SEO techniques are smart today and web users are even smarter, remember.

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