All That You Need To Know About Google Cache

Definition: Cache is a term used when Google create a snapshot of every single page it views and saves that version as a backup in its database. Google uses the cached version in SERP’s as relevant match for user’s query.

Get an insight into why “Cache” is important for your website

1. The cache can be used as a benchmark to measure how Google rate your website as compared to others. Your website is supposed to have value if Google frequently indexes or cache it.

2. Cache is also a vital tool to know how Google’s spiders view your website/web page. An absence of any content in cached version indicates that Google is missing important data on your website. In that case, you need to make required changes to make it more accessible for Google bots.

How You Can Check the Last Cache of a Webpage

Google cache of web pages can be checked in following three ways.

1. If you are using Firefox browser, first click the toolbar in the drop down and then visit “Google snapshot of the page.”

2. Visit your URL in SERP’s and click the “Cache” link next to it.

3. Type given query in Google search box

cache: URL

Conclusively, the cache provides an idea how to optimize a website so that it will rank higher in search engines.

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