How Can We Make Content Optimized, Engaging and Sale Oriented

Creating a high quality content that can satisfy your clients and achieve the maximum possible ranking, can be an overwhelming task. The importance of quality content of websites is known by all, hence, we all try to be in race by constantly creating a content that is different from others. But to create a new content every time is kind of difficult and requires an extra effort.

First of all we need to understand the importance of a good content and what all we can achieve by producing a quality content. What is quality content? If, I in my blog posts, keep advising firms about what quality content is, then I may be able to earn my living easily, but if I have to define what quality content is and how do I create a quality content, then I may not be able to earn even a single penny. If we don’t know what quality is, how can we produce it.

This is one of the main barrier that comes in, while we are trying to produce quality.

What is Quality Content?

  • Quality content is engaging and user oriented: everybody likes to talk about themselves, specially brands and services. But users are not interested in all this, they want to know if “you can solve my problem or not?” It is not enough to stress on benefits over features , you need to connect to the audience through your content by possessing the ability to ‘write in their shoes.’ To write a high quality content you make sure that it is:
  • Free from slangs: a person while reading your content should be able to comprehend what you are trying to convey. He don’t have to decode your lingo in order to understand your offerings.
  • Write in an appropriate style : you must be aware of your target audience. If you are writing about business or investments, certain degree of elegance is required in your writing. If you are writing for more of a blue collar industry, to the point or straight forward language can work.
  • Well structured: first and foremost, your reader will look at the display of the content and not onto what is actually written on the page. So, you need to structure your content properly, use headings, sub-headings, choose fonts according to the content you are writing. Put important details in the beginning and supporting information in the end.
  • Engaging content is convincing: the content that convinces the writer himself has the ability to convince its reader as well. Make sure your content is convincing enough, that the reader ends up buying that particular service or product.

What makes content optimized?
Apart from the points that I mentioned above, here are few other factors that are needed to optimize your content.

  • Your title: Anticipate what your target audience search for, play with the words and prepare such a title that strike a chord in your reader. When a user type a query, he would want to read an article or a solution to his problem that perfectly matches his needs. Hence, it is necessary that you frame a title for your content that is engaging and attractive.
  • Keyword in title: when you talk about title, it becomes important, that it contains your keyword. When you write anything, to make it optimized, you need to focus on your keyword. Take time to find a proper keyword that goes with your content. It should be framed keeping the audience’s query in mind.
  • Beneficial introduction: users do not have time to waste, so try to tell them the benefits of your product or service in the beginning itself. Make sure your introduction is engaging for the prospective buyer and even for the general user. From the point of view of optimization, it is important that you target the keyword in beginning itself. Your content is then, easy to find on search engine. Keywords, if present in optimum quantity, it serves you in a right way.
  • Body of the content: don’t be boring in your writing. Avoid things that can make the body of the content less interesting and monotonous for a reader. Write interactively, ask questions, give answers or let your audience think over it for some time. Targeting keyword in body is of equal importance. Make sure, the occurrence of the keyword is prominent and legible. Do not over do anything by expanding the the unwanted content.
  • Do not write very long: until and unless, you are writing about something very specific, no need to write lengthy essays. Keep it brief and crisp. Short paras and short sentences can help you achieve the goal.

To make it more engaging:

  • Share success stories of the customers: tell stories about the satisfied customers and convince your audience that they are viable to get all the benefits that other customers got. Sharing customers’ smiles is something that you can do to engage your readers.
  • Make connection with your audience: show your audience that you are real and not some fancier, who is trying to make some unreasonable commitments to them. Empathize your reader, write keeping yourself in his place. Know your target audience and write accordingly, write what suits them the most.
  • Tell the after effects of the product or a service: mold your article in a way that you are able to show your prospective buyers, the after effects of the product that are only good. Show how their life can change in a positive way after using the service or a product.
  • Use videos and images: use videos, videos are more engaging. What you are trying to convey to your customers, you can do it in a better way by using videos. Whereas, appropriate use of images can also lead to a better engaging content. Use images that seem real, users can make out how real or fake are you.

Sale oriented content

Quality content tell stories: popularly, for marketing a content, using storytelling theme is one of the best options. Never feel shy to tell a story. In a content, where you want to persuade your reader to take action, tell him a story. Customer have a purpose in mind before he visit any website, therefore, take him seriously and engage him in a desired conversation. Just creating an entertaining content may not help your customer, he may get the joke, but may not take it seriously when it comes to becoming a consumer.

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