Over optimization can curse your website forever

Beware of Google algorithms! Too much of SEO can ruin your website and lead to penalization.

Every online marketer wants better search engine ranking. After all this would ensure good organic traffic which would mean profit. But in doing so have you started following practices that could lead to penalization of your website.

SEO is basically the exercise of using techniques that help get a google search engine ranking for your website. But when its implementation exceeds over a limit the development starts ruining your website’s capability to rank.

Surely, nobody would like penalties affecting their websites due to over optimization. But are you aware that you are over optimizing your website? No, then dive in!

7 signs that you might be over optimizing your website.

Keyword-rich anchors  
Using keyword rich anchor text for internal linking is a bad practice. When you use keywords rich anchors too much it can destroy your link profile. Remember your link profile is one of the most important part of your SEO. The right way to do it would be to use keyword-rich anchors to fragment it across a sentence.

Inappropriate keywords
If you are trying to get traffic with irrelevant keywords, then don’t expect that there will be an increase in the conversion rate. To avoid this stick to your niche.

Aiming all internal and external links to high-level navigation pages
The problem of over-optimization occurs when a number of links are created targeting home page or the main navigation page. Remember these pages get plenty of links as it is, so strengthen your link profile by aiming at deep internal links.

Using diverse H1 on a page
H1 is only heading of the anything. However, using a bunch of H1 thinking that it would lead to good SEO, would be bad. In case if you are using more than one H1 on a page, it would be a bad practice. If you want more headings you can use several H2s, 3s, 4s, 5s.

Linking your website to spammy sites
It is important that the sites to which you are linked should be equally good. If you are connected to a spammy website, then your site may receive bad SEO repercussions. If you are doing so, stop wasting your time. Stop linking to such websites and focus on getting connected to a website in your niche and with strong DA and reputation.

Footer stuffed with the keyword
Over-optimizing your website’s footer is a great way to invite penalty. So, stop optimizing footer. Your footer should be a nice closure to your page- it should be a simple navigation spot that signals the end.

Non-branded, keyword-dense URLs.
It is never a good practice to select an over-optimized URL instead of a good balanced brand name. Don’t create a URL just for its keyword. As you know that at the end of the day it’s the content that wins and not the keyword URLs. So, make your brand name your URL.

Things always flourish and bloom when they are within limits. Avoid over optimizing your website, do it in the limits and get ample of traffic.

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