7 PPC Blunders – The Slow Poison For Your Website

The race for online visibility is fierce! This is why brands should make every possible effort to make their online presence stronger with tools and campaigns.

Along with traditional search engine optimization, PPC (Pay-Per Click) can bring unending customers to your brand. Clubbing your PPC campaigns with a perfect landing page can increase the rate of conversion for you.

But this will only yield results if they are working together toward achieving the same goal. If you’re harboring poor quality traffic on your landing page, then your conversion rate will have to suffer.
Here are 10 slow poisons or the common PPC mistakes that are slowing killing your website.

1) You have fallen head over heals for poor performing keywords.
It acts as a major turn off, creates a poor experience for prospects clicking on your ads and getting what they are not looking for. This mismatching lowers conversion rate, increase the cost per click and lowers quality scores for your account.

How to fix it?
Stop the malpractice, follow strategic program:

  • Look into the keywords your should provide. And how they connect with the landing page with respect to offers and call to action.
  • Apply a simple keyword report on the campaign level.
  • Weave rules for yourself around CPA and CTR.


2) You’re not being tactical in spending your daily budget
The issue revolves around cost and volume. It’s simple- you have to pay to play. If you don’t have the budget to pay and lack creativity your campaign will fail. Use your money in the best possible way.

How to fix it?

  • Schedule your bids, use peak traffic times and if its low, turn your bids down.
  • Split your ad groups and campaign into compact groups with tiny keyword lists.
  • Avoid too expensive keywords which are not converting.


3) Incompatible ad and landing page
Nobody likes a combination of less than exact ad and landing page. It’s a wake up call, if your ads get clicked but your landing pages don’t convert, somethings unconnected is there between them.

How to Fix it?

  • Perfect the message in your ad text and reflect the same message in your landing page.


4) Your ads are sending a faulty message
If you are not attentive to what your users want, you’ll have a low CTR. This will be due to the mismatch in what they want and what you are giving them. It will result in giving a faulty message to the prospects.

How to fix it?

  • Know the persona of the prospect and send a message that oscillates. You can quickly perform a persona check to know this.


5) Not utilizing the art of negative words
Being positive is good for life. However, people get interested and engaged when they see something negative. The art of this negativity can be employed to sway visitors to your website. If you’re not using them you are missing out a lot of prospects.

How to Fix it?

  • Use negative keywords to get searched for your account.


6) You are using those keywords which are too broad
A lot of online retailers make this mistake of targeting too broad keywords. This happens particularly in ads where broadness directly corresponds to expensive costs, saturation, low match, and drop in ROI.

How to Fix it?

  • Apply keywords that communicate directly about products or services and also intend to do so.


7) You are sending your users to your home page
Sending users to the homepage gives them a clear idea about their own experience. Who has the time and patience to search back to their targeted page from the home page.

How to Fix it?

  • Include, headlines, text, images, context and call-to-actions on the landing page.

A perfect PPC campaign gets you unending ROI. So, use it in the best possible way.

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