Top 6 Strategies for App Marketing

Apps have become our everyday companion that assist us in managing our social media accounts, getting news, weather reports, for accessing music and even for Internet banking. You have apps for different things – relationships (romantic apps), fitness, politics, shopping and much more. Indeed, according to Statista the revenue received in the year 2014 by the App store was $8.3 billion.

Apps connect the brands to us and acts as fantastic marketing tool. But for every big goal you need to plan and strategies things. Here are five Apps Marketing Strategies you should consider for maximizing sale and ROI.

Boost your inbound content marketing campaign

If you are looking forward to more website traffic, more customers and apps downloads, content marketing is the best way to get it. Apps does wonders with inbound or outbound marketing campaign and content marketing is a useful tool for this.

On your blogs, include posts that drive the interest zone of the targeted audience. Try not to sound like you are trying to sell, instead be a friend who is guiding his other friend towards a good solution. Boost the quality of your content with high quality images and videos. As a study says that article with visuals get 94% more total views than articles with simple text.

Produce Memes

These days meme is getting hotter to drive the audience to your store with a great part of humor in it. Meme’s easily get viral on social media networks and convey the latest trends. For instance, last year an instantaneous meme launched by Nissan on Kim Kardashian had a huge impact on the internet.

A latest report says that updates containing meme, get more than 22 k favorites and 27k retweets. Don’t forget to use popular hashtags and keywords to promote it and moreover, you will easily get searched by this. It’s,just a lot of fun with a little sense of humor that goes far for you.

Curate the content

Curate other applicable content to attract your audience, because when you curate your content you add more value to the entire demographic. Do it on your social media pages and site’s blog. Show the audience things they are interested in and offer them an ultimate content experience. Moreover, content curation helps you to come up with new ideas for creation.

Social Media Marketing

For the past few years, social media marketing has taken the world go crazy and this year it will continue to grow.

Use sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to post content that you’ve curated and created, along with the special offers. This would attract the customers to frequently use your apps. Because they will know that they’ll receive special discounts and offers. In-order to make things go smoothly, you can mix marketing message with offers and discounts.

Go for Cross Promotion

Business partnering is a great strategy to promote an app. For instance, if you are an airline company, collaborate with a car rental company or a hotel for cross promotional opportunities. As the majority of the business has a complementary business that they share with customers. Spot them and work things out in a creative manner. By this you will be able to help each other to promote your individual apps.

Invest in mobile advertising

Research marketers predict that this year global online advertising will increase by 10% as compared to the last year.
There are a number of options for mobile advertising. You can opt to target the consumers while they are using other apps by sending them text messages, through ads on Google and other search engines. Use a model which highlights engagement driven advertisements.

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