15 Signs to know whether your Content will be Dumped by the Readers

Think hard!

It’s time that you must.

You have been writing for so long, but something seems out of place. Your write-ups are not holding audience long enough.

There must be something that is not touching the right cord.

We understand your dilemma. Sometimes it is not easy to find out the reason. Things viewed from one point seem perfect but when viewed from a different location unveils may flaws.

So, allow me to highlight some flaws/content mistakes that may be hiding in there:


This is a silly content mistake which can often irk the reader. It’s not that I am blaming you. I understand, it takes time to write a particular piece but for a reader it takes just a few minutes to finish what you have written. He is quick enough to spot such a blunder and will form an opinion in his mind about your writing ability and dump your content to find a quality content.

Difficult Words

If you are writing difficult words understood by only a few people, chances are that people who cannot understand it will move on, rather than looking into meanings of every alternate word.

Contradiction is unconvincing

A key point is contradictory statements. For building authenticity in the content, one must take note that there shouldn’t be two statements contradicting one another. Readers find spending time reading the information provided, untrustworthy.

Wrong information

This is one hell of a blunder. If the reader possesses some knowledge on the matter and you write something that is in complete contrast to it, this can invite some backfire from the reader in the form of negative comments or he may even report it to Google.

Self promotion

Readers dislike content which is biased and talks about its own thing (product or service) highly, despite of the presence of plenty of other good products and services around. It is often expected of the writer to promote a particular thing (if he has to) smartly and not directly.

Plain documentation

It is often seen that if the content is informational and presented in the form of a report akin to a newspaper news, then the readers will surely love to not read it. Rather, if the tone is kept conversational, the readers feel an instant urge to read it wholly.

Too long

The length of the content is also instrumental in holding a reader on the website. Short and crisp content rules the world of internet and also are among the favorites of the readers. It becomes slightly boring, if they have to keep scrawling and scrawling.

No pictures/Visual content

Of late, if you have noticed the trend, some sites making moolah are focusing more on pictures and less of content. Some of the outstanding examples include Storify, Hootsnoot, Buzzfeed, Listly and a few more. Did you receive any hints?

No authentic references

The writer must take care of this thing that whatever references he is giving, those should be genuine and authoritative. These help in building credibility.

Making false claims

This is also one of the reasons your readers are uninterested and move away faster than you can expect. The claims you make should be capable of fulfillment or else it is no point mentioning them.

Fake promises

This is another mistake a writer makes often. Promises that are not true and will not deliver anything that is said is equivalent to duping the customer.

No additional information

Don’t you love some extra topping on your cookie. Similarly, viewers too love some additional informational in the form of links and more. But if you fail in doing so, they will be disappointed.

Copied content

Though there are very few instances of this mistake in the content, but unfortunately it still happens. Therefore, do ensure that your content is not copied and carries freshness in it to engage the readers.

No place for direct conversation

Some people would love to know more about your post and this can be made possible by allowing them to give their reviews in the comments or review section. If there is no place for them to do so, your content won’t rank higher in their esteem.

Saving ideas for future

Though you are a good writer but what you are presenting right now is not your best work. You are saving it for some hidden reasons but this is a wrong strategy. At present, your focus should be on building a readership, write your best things now if you wish to build a brand value.

Hope you know your content mistakes and will stay away from them in future.

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