8 Surefire Ways to Boost Social Media Visibility

Did you know that 1.96 billion people are online with you right now? This means an unlimited opportunity to promote any product or service.

Furthermore, the influence of social media in the purchase decision of the consumer is tremendous. According to the Hubspot, “Consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals” So, the need of the hour is to have your brand visible on various social media platforms.

But grabbing user attention on the social media is not an easy task. So here are 10 surefire ways to increase your social media visibility:

LOOKS MATTERS to drive Anybody and Everybody
An attractive business page or profile on the social media website is very important. If your visitors have a forceful interest driving entry it will certainly create a positive image of your company. Here’s what you do to give your business profile an edge:-

  • Use well-designed, powerful banners.
  • Use high quality photos with every post.
  • Keep all images focused on your target audience.
  • Go multimedia.
  • Use your brand colors.
  • Keep your pages up to date.

Clearly display your social media icons on your site  
You may have good leads, you may have people coming to your website, but, how about making them come again and again.

It is necessary that your visitors frequently visit your website. Channel your website through different social media icons, so that they stay updated through social media updates on your profile.

Place your social media icons in a location where you get the most traffic, it can be your website footer, contact page, blogs, images, homepage and anywhere from where visitors get influenced to follow your account.

Social Media Icons in Your Email Signatures
Reaching out to  your customers and making them aware about your recent updates is an essential need. One of the best ways to reach them is through the emails. It is obvious that you are using an email campaign, you can add more power to this campaign by adding social media page links. It’s always great to have extra exposure.

Tag other pages, Integrate other pages  
Having maximum visibility increases the chances of having more conversions. However, it becomes hard for the companies to have a clear visibility. Since Facebook updated new feeds to show less company page posts and more of user profile posts. You can omit this complication by tagging other Facebook pages in your posts.

You can shake hands with other pages by integrating your website to increase your visibility. This goes handy specifically in the case,when you have a product which competes with similar product of different brand name. Give a wide and interesting comparison between the two, to your audience. In-depth reporting, features and benefits in the form of teaser videos drives customers to opt for your product over the other.

Cross marketing on different platforms  
You have a huge number of followers on one platform, however, you don’t have the same amount on another. You can cross promote your media profiles on different social media platforms. It is likely that if a follower likes you on one profile he will like you on the other as well. You can also re-tweet your post on the business profile to your personal account.

Work out a Holiday Campaign
Search activity increases during the time of holidays, it can turn profitable for you. This is the time when consumers look for an instant purchase of gifts. Plan things and go through a strategy. Use eye-catching graphics, headlines and engage more people to your store. Videos post offering, tips, advice and information regarding the campaign works out well. So do use them.

Give them that extra element: Offers and Discount  
Exclusive promotion through an event is a conventional method. However, you can do this in a full swing by considering the method once a month. This generates a level of expectation and encourages people to ‘like’ your page. Moreover, it’s building engagements through contest just for the fans and encouraging them to respond with images, feedbacks, answers and much more.

Keep tracking the insights
Pay special attention to the likes and dislikes of your fans by tracking your page. You can do this with the help of analytical section under the insight tab.

Here you get to know how your posts are performing for the overall growth of the page. Construct your post on the basis of your fans liking and disliking.

Social media is a powerful tool to build a good presence and to increase the visibility of your content. As more people engage with your content, more will be the amount of benefits received by you.

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