Lay Link Bait, Go viral and Build Links Naturally

‘Link Bait’ is a term much talked of in SEO world. Not every one of us can properly define it though. Literally, link bait is highly interesting content to be published on internet. The content needs to be compelling enough to gain popularity by attracting people. Link bait, if appealing and deftly placed, is said to be an infinite source of valuable links that can elevate your business.

The purpose of link baiting is to allure people to share your content across the web and ultimately get links. Once the content is widely spread, you gain numerous new links that improve ranking. You receive links from social media sites, websites and blogs. YouTube is one of the biggest link baiting websites. Thousands of blogs and site have links to YouTube videos. These links generate huge traffic for YouTube.

There is nothing like getting discouraged if you don’t succeed in designing attractive content at first go. You are not alone in that case, for it usually takes repeating attempts for everyone to be able to create content that gets attention. Make sure to add something new every time you make it again.

The first step includes creating remarkable content that is unique – you can write an interesting article that people find informative and likeable. Here, the trick lies in writing something worth a long discussion (take some controversial subject, give it your words and then leave it on those who pick it up). Don’t forget to place interesting pictures to improve the overall impression. A little touch of humor will be helpful.

You can make your content interesting by offering important and valuable things for free. Pick recent major events that people find happening and get compelled to share. To cut the long story short, manage to provide readers with something mind-blowing. Place it at the best place, let it gain popularity and then you can enjoy an increase in inbound links and traffic.

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