Ultimate Guide to PPC Marketing: [An Infographics]

PPC stands for pay-per-click, a form of online advertising that helps to drive interested visitors to your site. It allows advertisers to offer ad post on search engines in form of sponsored links when someone searches on a specific keyword that is identified with their business advertising. Advertisers pay search engines each time an ad is clicked, taking the visitor through to their site.

PPC is all about relevance. Users are searching for particular products, services, and information at any given time. Advertisers can demonstrate a targeted advertisement at the correct minute this search is happening.

For that Google AdWords is one of the most popular PPC advertising frameworks in the world. Since it’s based on current statistics Google dominates the market share with over 77% of search engine use. In any case, Bing advertisements is likewise a contender which can possibly give better esteem depending upon your audience and campaign.

Check this infographic by “Insightsforprofessionals” and you will find basic of PPC marketing.


Benefits Of PPC Marketing:

  • Direct response – Better understand your customer’s behaviors and search patterns
  • Simple to track – It provides the ability to see the sales that resulted from your ad
  • Pay only when used – Your ad is only charged when clicked, and the customer is redirected to your website
  • Increased visibility – PPC is also a great way to increase visibility and brand awareness

Getting started with PPC can seem like a challenging task but it can pay dividends. If you’ve never tried it, it’s certainly something you should consider as part of your marketing mix!

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