5 Tips To Promote Your Local Business With Facebook – [An Infographic]


If you do online marketing for a small business, Facebook can be a most ideal approach to drive business to your online store.

To start engagement with current and potential customers on your Facebook Page, there are couple of things you have to do first.

Here are Few great ways to promote your Local Business:

Create Your Business Page – When you start creating your business page add information about your business like a logo for the page avatar, details for the About section, contact information and hours, and the URL of your website. Don’t create a personal profile for your business.

Share Helpful Content – Share updates, photos, videos, promotions when you can to engage your followers. Add a visual element to your posts, regardless of whether it’s a short video clip, a photograph from inside your store, or simply stock workmanship

Engage With Your Followers – To raise your viewership organically by making content that your followers need to share, like and comment on. Creating a dialogue with your followers will encourage them to engage with your posts in the future.

Add a Follow Button on Your Website – Make it simple for your site visitors to Like your page by adding a Follow Button to your site.

Location Pages – Customize content based on a specific location. Check-ins customized to the specific location a customer.

Here is the infographic by “worldfinancialgroup” gives a nice overview to “Make the Most of Your Facebook Business Page”. MUST SEE!


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