How Using Instagram For Marketing is Better Option Than Facebook- Infographic

using Instagram for Marketing

Since 2012, the average Facebook potential organic reach of the adults has decreased to 55%. But this does not mean you should quit social media marketing. You should look for other social media to promote business such as Instagram which is far better than Facebook. Instagram is one of the fastest growing SMM channels. So, if you are using Instagram for marketing then you are going the right way.

Why Using Instagram For Marketing is Better Than Facebook?

In recent research, it has been found that Instagram’s potential organic reach of adults has increased by 115%. Competition on Instagram is far less than the Facebook which is only 36%. Want to know more interesting facts about Instagram? Just check out this infographic by Self Startr.

sing Instagram for Marketing infographic

According to the above data, marketers should divert their attention towards Instagram. Because Instagram is the only social media channel that supports visual content and has high user’s engaged with brands.

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