Growth Of Mobile Commerce: What Is In It For You? [Infographic]

growth of mobile commerce

It is very easy to confuse e-commerce with m-commerce. To clear the air, m-commerce involves shopping through a mobile device (typically a smartphone), while e-commerce involves shopping online through your computer.

The Growth of Mobile Commerce:

Thanks to the technological advancement, it is easier for the consumers to shop online and as a marketer, it is self-harming to ignore the growth of mobile commerce. Global mobile commerce now makes up 34% of all e-commerce transactions around the world, and it’s predicted to grow 31% in 2017. As a business focusing on making the business accessible to consumers on mobile, you should keep an eye on the mobile ranking factors. These factors help you improve your reachability to the target audience.

How can the growth of mobile commerce work for your business? The following infographic by AWS Amazon makes the concept easy to understand and use. Have a look.

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