Ways To Build High Quality White Hat Links In 2018

White hat links in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are ways which are aimed at increasing the search engine rankings of that page or website by increasing the number and the quality of inbound links to a webpage. A white hat SEO is extensively about picking the right keywords and using them to enhance a website, making it easier for search engines to find it and eventually, catering to reader’s request.

White hat links abide by the search engine rules and policies. It is about ways in which without cluttering a particular website with high bombastic words and jargons, the SEO will incorporate the keywords in a particular way which will make sense. Also, it will help the visitor find valuable content that he has been looking for in a way that flows smoothly and aims at creating and supporting the value of the content. These link strategies hence, add value to the end users, produce good results and are overall good for the online environment.

To build high-quality white hat links certain things are to be kept in mind. Now the question is we know what a white hat is but do we know about the power that a white hat link holds? Certainly, it’s a topic to be pondered over. As we know that in the real world “words hold the utmost power” analogously, in the world of e-commerce or in the world of search engine optimization, keywords hold umpteen power. They can do great things for a website.

  • They can drive traffic to your website: In 21C everything comes down to one thing which is marketing. Good marketing can make you or else can break you. Have you ever observed that a book is always marketed as a “best selling” book and not as a “best-written book”, why? Utterly because, if an author has written a book and has not been able to advertise it well in the market, no matter how well written that book might be, it will not have too many sales and hence, readers. Likewise, if you have backlinks posted to your website or someone posts your links on their website or blog, then a reader, who is visiting your website or their website, might just click on the links and voila! You will gain benefit from that referral site and the traffic will be diverted to your website.
  • They can help you rank higher in search engine search: Backlinks are those tiny yet powerful keywords which tell the search engines that your website is dealing with a certain subject authoritatively. So, the more backlinks you have from a high-quality site, the better ranking you will have in search engine result pages, which will not only get you audience but will also result in good reader investment. Moreover, in future who knows it might just result in good financial investment.

Since the complexity and the competition in the modern day scenario have increased, therefore, it is very important to build high quality powerful white hat links.

Let’s Begin With The Ways To Build White Hat Links In 2018:


1. Maintain a good quality of the Content: The content quality of the website or the blog should be really high such that it does not lose the interest of the viewer. A viewer should feel connected with every word that he goes through.

2. Consistency is the Key: Once you have started your blog or your website has been hosted on the server, it is very important to maintain it with high-quality content. Consistency will increase the likelihood among the viewers.

3. Link, Link and Link: Ever heard the phrase “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours?” Well, we all know that blogs and websites are meant to be social, however, more you link to others, there is a greater likelihood that the favor will be returned and that your links will be used in their websites or blogs. Believe me, when I say, this is the surest and the quickest way to promote your content. Moreover, you can’t really cover every topic on your blog or site so it surely makes sense to leverage the wealth of resources. It will overall enhance the experience of the viewers of your blog or website and will be very rewarding for the viewers as well as you.

4. Commenting is Powerful: Think about it, the more comments you have will directly be a result of the more audience that is involved, hence better marketing which will result in good growth.

5. Create Visual Content: Humans are visual animals. The more visual content you have the better. It grabs attention and is more likable to share visuals. Remember,”Content is the reason search began at first place.”

6. Social sharing tabs: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are great social networking sites that can link you with viewers and just bring in a viewer storm. It’s a good idea to be as social as possible.

7. Fix all technical errors: Technical errors can result in bad user experience. Make sure your site is technically optimized.

8. Keep the keywords relevant: Be very careful with your keywords. They should relate with your content.

9. Guest Blogging: Featuring your content on similar related blogs or sites can be very useful. You can build a relationship with links.

10. Include Testimonials: It is a great way to include testimonials as it promotes transparency between your viewer and other viewers. Your work will be appreciated by your clients, who will lead you to other clients and they will thank you for the reference in your site.

11. Stay in the real world: If you become a great source to your readers in no time, they will be sharing your content through social media or blogs. Therefore, your content should be current and it could spread rage.

12. Include offers: If you include free offers such as eBooks, webinars etc. then your readers will share it.

13. Create Lists with Links: It is a bait for similar bloggers. Other bloggers will link it other than creating their own link lists.

14. List your site in trustworthy directories: Trust is crucial. Always has been and always will be. You, any given day, would want to be listed on a directory that not only allows you to post a link on your website, but also provide useful information for your prospective customers.

15. Build relationships: A good link building requires eminent relationship building or you may even put it as, building links and relationships is synonymous. There are varied approaches to establishing new contacts. Begin with your comfort or skill related forums, blogs or social platforms. Since you want to be on the receiving end, it is your sole responsibility to initiate the first move. Start contributing with absorbing and appropriate comments, write-ups, columns and posts, thereby providing contextual value to each conversation or discussion. By actively participating in these online conclaves, you will not only gain some good backlinks, but also procure access to fresh updates and will be able to connect with people who share similar passions as that of you.

16. Sponsor a public event: Events are a significant way to market speakers and their websites or sponsors. Through an event or a similar public platform, you can also add inbound links into your terms to ensure your time and resources yield a beneficial outcome.

17. Sponsor or speak at an event: Events usually give their speakers and sponsors great website publicity. You can also add inbound links to your terms to ensure your time and resources yield a beneficial outcome.

18. Be Aware: Be aware of your competitors’ backlinks. Make use of link analysis tools such as, Ahrefs, Majestic or Open Site Explorer. Research and get a list of your competitors’ backlinks and then check out what types of posts get backlinks.

19. Build partnerships: Build partnerships in real life which will be handy in the long run.

20. Include Press: Spread out a joint press release when you work in partnership or your work involves another company. This can help widen your reach and will link you to thousands of other related sites, which otherwise may not be able to find you or vice versa.

21. Include Fun: Fun with funny things spread. Use memes, cartoons or anything funny. Humor can transform unfavorable situations into favorable. But understand your audience before.

22. Include PowerPoint presentations: Presentations are a great way of interaction. They are easy and provide better interface for user interaction. It means great content and great design.

23. Typography: Website typography is one of the main tools to enhance a website. Be careful of the fonts you use. Typography sets the whole mood. If your website or blog is well designed be assured the audience will be locked to their screens. After all “Good design is Good Business.”

24. Have Followers Sections: To build white hat links is to be natural in link building. The key is to focus majorly on your viewers and influencers. Making small groups of followers can help you acquire natural and highly valued links to your website.

25. Be creative: Creativity is the best tool to enhance the success and the growth of particularly anything on this face of earth. Be creative with your own content and how you portray it to your audience. But just be careful and don’t overdo it.

Make a checklist of these points when you begin working on your website linking and sooner or later, your work will be your brand!

You can also watch a video by Brian Dean “Link Building Case Study: My #1 Strategy For 2018”

Utilize the information and get started with the White-hat SEO techniques if you wish to see your website on top of search engines.

Good Luck!



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