9 Major Google Updates You Need To Know About In 2018 – [An Infographic]

In the recent years, Google has been paying particular attention to removing spam from their search results and tint useless content with their progressive algorithm updates.

Google’s search engine essence is mainly defined by the way that they need visitors to receive the best possible results for the queries submitted, in the quickest time possible. Sites that accomplish this need in the right way rank higher and are prioritized in search engine results pages. Google’s main purpose is to give their users the most pleasant and bother-free search experience,

Consequently, by ranking higher on Google’s search engine pages for particular queries, a site is likely to bloom because it would experience more traffic, leads and hence more conversions.

Check out the infographic by “Saleshub” for more details.

Thus, the key to rank high on the search engine result page lies with developing a right strategy according to Google algorithms because understanding the factors that affect the algorithm determine how well your site will be ranked.

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