5 Top Content Promotion Tactics On Linkedin

Linked In

If you’re a content marketer, Linked In has to be part of your content promotion strategy.

Linked In remains one of the top platforms for B2B content promotion, this post explores five Linked In tactics to support your content marketing.

1) Post daily, and Post Right:

If you can do only one thing to promote your content on LinkedIn, publish a new status update every day. When sharing content via status updates:

Basic ideas for crafting the ideal LinkedIn status update:

  • Link titles should be less than 70 characters.
  • Link descriptions should be 250 characters or less.
  • Include images and videos.
  • Aim to share 20% of your own content vs. 80% industry-related content.

2) Publish Articles On LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is LinkedIn’s publishing platform where you can share your own articles or long form posts.

Why publish an article on 
LinkedIn pulse?

  • Each time you publish an article, your connections receive a notification. This makes Pulse a good platform to publish (or republish) content to, to raise brand awareness and build your audience.
  • Published posts are further shared with your links, building trust and situating you as an idea/industry pioneer.
  • Published posts have the ability to reach the largest group of professionals ever assembled.

3) Build Your Following

  • The people who are your ideal readers – your ideal clients, or customers, or peers.
  • Engage your employees
  • Promote the page outside the company

4) Be Active In LinkedIn Groups

To be successful, it’s important to join the right groups. Before joining you should:

  • Assess the nature of group members – do they match your target persona?
  • See how active the group is.
  • Review topics discussed to ensure you can contribute relevant insight.

5) Use Your Company Page:
Ways to use your company page to support content marketing include:

  • Posting regular company updates, sharing buyer-relevant content, company news – and other interesting industry content you see.
  • Using sponsored updates to extend the targeted reach of your content (this will also build your relevant following).
  • Encouraging employees to share company content via their own personal LinkedIn profiles to extend reach.

Take a look at the Infographic by Social4Retail to get more helpful ideas for implementing content marketing strategies on LinkedIn:

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