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Viral Marketing – Keenly Analyze & Make Your Next Piece Better!

Viral marketing is a must-do thing for fair success in SEO. There are lots of methods to carry out viral marketing campaigns to promote viral content. Also, to make a viral marketing campaign meaningful, there are sets of rules and objectives there. The goals need to be kept very clearly in mind before starting, and imperatives deftly executed while practicing viral marketing.

So when, and if of course, application of all the rules and assets is proper, a campaign turns out to be successful. You generate traffic, fetch links and even make sales with help of viral strategies. But wait…the real advantage doesn’t lies in your momentary success, but in the mistakes you made while doing it. Yes, it is like learning from weak points that emerged out of your last immediate campaign, so that you can manage to make your next piece better.

For this to be possible, you need to keenly analyze every bit of what you did and what it is that you can do for the betterment of your next moves. Consider:

Observing the response:

Normally, you get mixed feedback on your viral content. Though maximum of comments remain useless, still you can find something useful. For instance, find out what most of them have reiterated and you can take it as standard overview. More importantly, critical remarks will help you figure out your silly mistakes. Try to correct things for next time.

Tracing the track:

It can be highly beneficial to keep the track of how your viral content made it to the right place. Try to find out how much time it took to go viral after it was published. And how long it took to reach mass on social networking sites and how much likes and shares it bagged. Though all your pieces will not resemble each other, you will be able to plan well when you next publish any.

Verifying traffic sources:

You will get traffic from the places you targeted as well as from the places you didn’t. Traffic is obvious from sites and blogs you target, and traffic form unexpected places is bonus. Keep stats of how much traffic you were able to draw from popular social site such as StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit and Twitter. Once you know how much you can benefit from a place, you’ll be able to target accordingly in future.

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